Innovating spaces that are uniquely yours


A home that envelops


Office space that inspires


Landmarks reborn


We are Inhabit Interiors

Partnering to create environments that evoke and emote.



Each project, whether residential or commercial, allows us to build on the spirit that inhabits every space. 

From melding modern art and landscape for a spectacular desert oasis, to restoring Chicago’s Shubert Theater in all its gilded glory, you’ll see our capabilities stretch well beyond décor.

Explore the sweeping range of distinctive designs that are as unique as the clients who inspired them.


Design that goes deeper

An insatiable desire to understand what defines your space.



We speak bespoke.

Working in concert to create unique interiors that reflect you and your lifestyle—this is embedded in our design DNA.

Our collaborative process explores multiple perspectives and encourages the discovery of fresh ideas and approaches. In short, we're excellent listeners and we don't do the cookie cutter thing.